In the past, people used to believe that you need a lot of space in order to go to the gym

However, with the introduction of more compact gyms, people can now work out anywhere at any time.

Today gym article is going to explain how today’s gyms have changed and how it has impacted people’s health and fitness levels.

Today’s gym is full of machines which are generally slow, tough and not for everyone. This could be changing with the introduction of drones that can fly through the air and exercise you.

The concept behind drones is quite simple- they can be used to perform any kind of exercise that humans do in a gym, but with a lot more precision, speed, and ease.

It’s been estimated that the drone industry will grow to $27 billion by 2022

People today are constantly on the go and doing things that require efficiency. Because of this, many people prefer to use the time they do have to work out.

The problem with traditional gyms is that they are often crowded and have a whole lot of activities to choose from. The solution is fitness studios – small, specific gyms designed for specific types of workouts and not just cardio or running like a typical gym. They usually have workout equipment that can’t be found in other gyms and they might also have classes where you can learn new types of workouts.