People are becoming more and more health conscious

In a recent survey done by Capital One, 70% of people said that they use their smartphones to read about workout routines or check in on social media for gym updates.

The average American spends about 80 minutes a day outside a gym – this is time that could be spent working through chronic pain or healing wounds rather than at the gym itself.

The gym is a popular place where people come to work out and have a good time with friends. There are so many options out there, from outdoor activities to the best cardio machines, that it’s hard to know where to start.

Today you can find fitness apps on your phone or fitness tracking devices on wrists. People are using these tools to track their progress and get motivated by seeing results in real time. But with AI writing assistants, you might be able to find a new way of staying motivated – writing your own content about what got you through a tough day at the gym or motivating yourself when you really want a long run outside in the nice weather!

How has the gym changed over the past decade?

The gym is a space that is frequented by millions of people every day, and it has undergone a lot of changes during its lifespan. With all these changes and improvements, who needs a gym guide?